Hardcover, 24.5 cm width, 28.5 cm height, superb quality full-color 416-page print' includes photos of Malevich paintings that were never seen before.

Malevich: The Lost Paintings

  • David Harel (born in Boston USA 1953) grew up in Israel and served in the I.D.F as a fighter pilot until 1982. Graduated Harvard Business school MBA 1984 and worked as an investment manager in New York until 1990. He joined his father in starting a family collection of Russian Avant-grade paintings, including masterpieces by Kandinsky, Malevich and Popova. This led to ten years of intensive archival research of Russian and Ukrainian art which focused on Malevich lost paintings. The book, "Malevich: The Lost Paintings" is a culmination of this research project.

    Joseph Agassi (born in Jerusalem on May 7, 1927) is an Israeli academic with contributions in logic, scientific method, and philosophy. He studied under Karl Popper and taught at the London School of Economics. He later taught at the University of Hong Kong, the University of Illinois, Boston University, and York University in Canada. He had dual appointments in the last positions with Tel Aviv University.


  • Is it possible that the Malevich paintings, documented by the Russians as lost, do exist? This book sheds light on the incredible story of about 50 rediscovered Malevich oil paintings. It follows the order given by the Stalin regime to liquidate art masterpieces by the greatest artists such as Kazimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, Lazar Lissitzky, Lyubov Popova, Natalia Goncharova, and many others, that were referred to as the "enemy of the people." Over 2,600 of these artworks were found half a century later, at the basement of the national art museum in Kiev. Billions of dollars worth of cast-off artworks were strewn around that basement. This must be the largest collection ever to have been discarded by its owner. For more information: https://www.malevich-lostpaintings.com/the-book